Meet the Board

Our staff and board (made up of Mutual of Omaha leaders) operate with the core values of equity, compassion, collaboration and transparency. We seek to understand the equity and accessibility of nonprofit programs, and compassion for those being served is on the forefront of our decisions. We collaborate with nonprofits and peer foundations to play a part in creating solutions for our community. In all of our work, we operate with the highest level of transparency and integrity.

Brad Buechler

Foundation Director

Executive Vice President, Senior Health Solutions

Rick Hrabchak

Foundation Director

Chief Investment Officer

Gail Graeve

Foundation Executive Director, Board President & Secretary

Vice President, Community Affairs/Corporate Events

Mike Lechtenberger

Foundation Director

Chief Information Officer

Alex Hayes

Foundation Director

Vice President, Physical Security/Business Continuity

Liz Mazzotta

Foundation Board Vice President & Treasurer

Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer