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We imagine a community where families have food on their table; adults are equipped with knowledge and skills to achieve self-sufficiency; and at-risk youth are provided with the greatest opportunity for success. Breaking the cycle of poverty can’t happen overnight – and it can’t be accomplished by one foundation or nonprofit organization. To realize this vision, we must work together.

Organizations that want to apply to the Mutual of Omaha Foundation must provide direct service within our priority areas and must demonstrate how they are creating change.

Before you apply, we expect that you have read and understand our funding priorities, the things we don’t fund, our outcomes philosophy and our application process. We value your time – and this information will help you determine whether your organization is a clear fit with Mutual of Omaha Foundation’s grant guidelines before you complete our application.

We accept applications two times per year: December 15 – February 1 and June 15 – August 1

The following information will help you complete your application.

Program Support Application Process
What You Need to Apply
Application System Tips